"Melanie helped my team with creating reports for major investors. She tackled a complex assignment with complicated source documents, asked great clarifying questions and delivered well-written copy on time. When we needed her to take on a bigger load than originally requested, she willingly put in long hours to help us. I highly recommend her as a writer and editor." 

- Paula K., The Seed Company

"Melanie was involved in the creation of our brochure for the CEBIT fair(one of the most important tech ones) Not only did she provide us with excellent translation (professional and tailored for our targets and core business), but she also gave us strategic suggestions on how to design the brochure. When the job was finished, Melanie was able to give a last look at the brochure and further suggestions on how to optimize it before printing."

- Munich Marketing

"Melanie edited blog posts for Virtual Vocations and I supervised her work for a few months at the beginning of 2020. Melanie was a hard worker and conscious of the amount of effort she put into each article she worked on. She was very detail-oriented in her editing and made sure that each blog she edited was thoroughly." 

-Christy Williams, Virtual Vocations

"Melanie is adept at handling multiple tasks and projects at a time. When I was overloaded, she was a tremendous ally in getting other things done I didn't have time to handle." 

-Leslie C., Texas Tech University Marketing

"Melanie has really impressed me with her creativity and ability to convey messages to the media that get results. I highly recommend her as a marketing and PR expert." 

- Julie T., Lubbock Invest

"Working with Melanie has been great! Her work is exceptional, and she is very professional and timely."

-Erica Haller,  Erica Haller Photography

"Melanie was a valued member of my writing team. She created good written content and respected our structured timelines. "

- Brian Castell, BSFC Inc.