Educational Family Outings in Arlington TX: 5 Fantastic Options

As our children grow physically, we do our best as parents and loved ones to ensure their malleable minds follow suit. Shared experiences help families bond, but those valuable hours already spent together can be simultaneously employed as a tactic to supercharge our little one’s developing brains. So why not do both: Create lasting family memories and provide your child with a stronger educational foundation and a wealth of experiences to reference and rely on later in life?

Architect Buys Abandoned WWI-Era Factory, Spends 45 Years Transforming It Into Luxury Home.

One talented architect, who began with a single creative vision, can now claim responsibility for what may very well be the world’s greatest fixer-upper. Inspired by an abandoned cement factory, Ricardo Bofill, a Spanish architect, envisioned what the building had the potential to become. And if Bofill exhibits any other trait besides creative vision, it’s follow-through.
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