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Mobilize Your Fleet

As addictive as Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds may be, getting caught with your eyes glued to your phone may not go over so well on the job. That said, if you run your own business, you may actually want to consider requiring smart device use at work. Some apps provide far more than mere entertainment. Effective use of the growing number of resources available on your mobile devices can actually increase the efficiency and safety of your employees, especially for those in the fleet utility vehi

State Fair of Texas- Pre-Season Newsletter/Marketing Email

There’s no better place to celebrate the independence of America than Deep In the Heart of Texas. But it’s not just Texas’ big cities and the Fourth of July that see festivities of epic proportions, echoing the widely known Friday Night Lights expression “Go Big or Go Home.” Full of both national and state pride, grand Texas culture saturates the state year-round. At #ExploreTexas, we’re excited to highlight some of Texas’ hidden treasures!

Therapy Dogs

Dogs work, too. And according to award-winning Therapy Dogs, Inc. tester/observer Barbara Wilson, one of the number one requirements when testing handler-dog partnerships is that the dogs enjoy their jobs. No suit and tie are required, as is common with humans, but Wilson’s eldest therapy dog, Tina, a long-haired Chihuahua, loves wearing her nurses uniform to visit patients at the hospital. However, Tina’s job entails far more than wearing cute outfits and stealing the gaze of nearby humans.

Tips for Small Businesses Buying Bucket Trucks

When you own a small business, a vehicle purchase can be a serious and daunting investment. You want to get quality that’s affordable, but you also don’t want to get ripped off. The best way to ensure your financial , and even physical, safety in this process,is to know what to look for in a vehicle ahead of time. Below are a few areas to consider when searching for a new truck. While not comprehensive, these areas are a good springboard for further purchase research: KNOW HOW MUCH YOU’RE WILLI

Tees to Inspire

We are obsessed with the launch of our new tees (up on the website soon)! Baby dolls, lollipops, lemonade stands and pigtails - They are trademarks of a young girls’ childhood and beautiful innocence. While these tees are stylish, fun and girly, their purpose is much bigger. Our positive, uplifting tees reflect what we see in these girls. They love being able to tell the world what they think without saying a word. When they pick out their morning outfit, we want their faces to beam with confi

How to Use Your AC to Reduce Allergy Season Flare Ups

With spring comes wildflowers, sunshine, new life…..and you guessed it — allergies. Springtime activities such as hiking, swimming or tending a garden are treats some people look forward to all year. Unfortunately, sometimes allergens can put a major kink in some of our favorite seasonal pursuits. As it is, most of the state of Pennsylvania is already facing medium to medium-high pollen threats, and we’ve only now turned the official corner into spring.

Heating and Cooling Through PAs Four Distinct Seasons of blog

Dynamic seasons engulf Pennsylvanians in deep natural beauty and an array of adventurous activities available each calendar year. Enticing as those characteristics may be, the biting winter cold and harsh summer humidity can make you think twice about how “great” having four distinct seasons actually is, especially when your heater dies on a frostbitten winter night or the AC checks out after a summer run. Even if you can endure being physically uncomfortable until the repair crew can fit you i

Keeping "Old-Fashioned" Books Safe for Future Generations (Blog/Article)

“In the world of eBooks and iBooks, it’s easy to forget how to handle real books,” said Josh Nathan general education faculty at The Art Institute of Colorado. The world has gone digital and content that used to only be available on sheets of paper in a bound book you bought from the bookstore or borrowed from the library is now accessible through countless platforms.
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