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I am an experienced writer and editor, who is efficient and effective. My strong and diverse background includes the development and refining of material for a wide range of audiences and platforms. My natural sense of curiosity makes me a top-notch researcher, and I am an expert at taking technical facts and making them engaging for the general public. Having worked with a large variety of clients, including everything from large corporations to nonprofits and small businesses, I have become a superstar at adapting tomany different company voices, regulations and cultures

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Educational Family Outings in Arlington TX: 5 Fantastic Options

As our children grow physically, we do our best as parents and loved ones to ensure their malleable minds follow suit. Shared experiences help families bond, but those valuable hours already spent together can be simultaneously employed as a tactic to supercharge our little one’s developing brains. So why not do both: Create lasting family memories and provide your child with a stronger educational foundation and a wealth of experiences to reference and rely on later in life?

Mobilize Your Fleet

As addictive as Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds may be, getting caught with your eyes glued to your phone may not go over so well on the job. That said, if you run your own business, you may actually want to consider requiring smart device use at work. Some apps provide far more than mere entertainment. Effective use of the growing number of resources available on your mobile devices can actually increase the efficiency and safety of your employees, especially for those in the fleet utility vehi

How to Use Your AC to Reduce Allergy Season Flare Ups

With spring comes wildflowers, sunshine, new life…..and you guessed it — allergies. Springtime activities such as hiking, swimming or tending a garden are treats some people look forward to all year. Unfortunately, sometimes allergens can put a major kink in some of our favorite seasonal pursuits. As it is, most of the state of Pennsylvania is already facing medium to medium-high pollen threats, and we’ve only now turned the official corner into spring.
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