Therapy Dogs

Dogs work, too. And according to award-winning Therapy Dogs, Inc. tester/observer Barbara Wilson, one of the number one requirements when testing handler-dog partnerships is that the dogs enjoy their jobs. No suit and tie are required, as is common with humans, but Wilson’s eldest therapy dog, Tina, a long-haired Chihuahua, loves wearing her nurses uniform to visit patients at the hospital. However, Tina’s job entails far more than wearing cute outfits and stealing the gaze of nearby humans.

Glass artist Carlyn Ray

2,300 degrees fahrenheit––It’s with this temperature; the temperature of a volcano, that artist Carlyn Ray feels most alive. That’s because it’s also the level of heat that is required to melt glass. And while the well-known lyric, “a world beyond your imagination,” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is, in the story, referencing a chocolate paradise, for Ray, a professional artist and Dallas native, her mind envisions something different—a colorful haven made solely from glass.

Training Horses for Equine Therapy

“Just like a 3 year old, horses have a ‘No’ stage,” explains expert trainer Mike Aldridge. “They’ll stomp their little foot and say, ‘No. I’m not doing it!’” That’s just one of the reasons why Aldridge, a Cedar Hill resident, strongly believes child psychology applies to more than just humans. “Horses go through the developmental stages too,” he says. Aldridge, who boasts more than 40 years experience with the animal he refers to as poetry in motion, says there is a popular term among horse t

Designing Dallas

When recently freed slaves founded St. Paul United Methodist Church in 1873, they probably never anticipated that their little corner of Freedman's Town in a then-segregated city, would become Downtown Dallas's cultural hub less than a century later. Today the church is known as the "Soul of the Arts District," but it is not the only place with a creative are. An eclectic group of unique arts and cultural organizations, companies, museums, housing, and more, the design of today's Dallas Arts District was no accident.

A Traditional Approach

It’s easy to get lost. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season demands time, creativity and often a touch of patience, if one intends to avoid making the evening news for assaulting another adult over the last of this season’s hottest toys.The excitement and stress of holiday travel, wrapping gifts and working the budget to purchase a gift for that coworker who inevitably decides to buy for everyone in the office leaves many people stressed and eagerly awaiting ...

All Aboard The Polar Express

A deep long roar winds through frozen mountain tops as children who wait below peer out their bedroom windows with anticipation reserved for only this night each year. They’re waiting for the train, of course, the Polar Express that will take them to Santa's home and workshop in the North Pole, a special place where it's said one can hear the precious jingle of the reindeers’ bells. Mystical and magical, the classic Polar Express children's story has inspired holiday attractions throughout the world. And while its terrain may be more flat than that in the famous book, Texas too dedicates time each year to bringing this beloved Christmas story to life.

Explore Texas Email #1

There’s no better place to celebrate the independence of America than Deep In the Heart of Texas. But it’s not just Texas’ big cities and the Fourth of July that see festivities of epic proportions, echoing the widely known Friday Night Lights expression “Go Big or Go Home.” Full of both national and state pride, grand Texas culture saturates the state year-round. At #ExploreTexas, we’re excited to highlight some of Texas’ hidden treasures!

OurCalling helps those in need

“They all deserve to be homeless. There are plenty of service providers. You’re a bum––a drug addict. Why don’t you get help?” are common phrases about the homeless that Wayne Walker, Executive Director of the nonprofit organization OurCalling in South Dallas, is tired of hearing. “Honestly, that’s the standard stereotype––A beard, a backpack, and a criminal record,” says Walker. “In reality,” Walker explains, “most of our homeless friends have nowhere else to go.”

Mentoring: 1-on-1 Relationships with Generational Impact

Walking around Dixon Circle, a neighborhood in South Dallas that is often referred to as the poorest, most run down and crime ridden part of the city, Carly Pickens, director of the Champions of Hope mentoring program, ran into one of her student’s fathers. “He mentioned his son had a Champions of Hope mentor and continued to share how much he appreciated that, and how good it was for his son,” Pickens said. “Then he said, ‘If me and my friends had had mentors like that when we were growing up,

Architect Buys Abandoned WWI-Era Factory, Spends 45 Years Transforming It Into Luxury Home.

One talented architect, who began with a single creative vision, can now claim responsibility for what may very well be the world’s greatest fixer-upper. Inspired by an abandoned cement factory, Ricardo Bofill, a Spanish architect, envisioned what the building had the potential to become. And if Bofill exhibits any other trait besides creative vision, it’s follow-through. The World War-I era factory, which he knew would one day be his home, was a project that lasted longer than the average fixe
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